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 Rules and Information (MUST READ)

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PostSubject: Rules and Information (MUST READ)   Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:55 pm

Rules and Information: MUST READ

Mutable Offences
Racism: 15 minutes
Sexualism: 15 minutes
Homophobia: 15 minutes
PvP Discouragement (eg. Ez): 10 minutes
Continuous Toxicity: 15 minutes
Irritation Towards Others: 15 minutes
Spam/Caps (One warning before mute): 15 minutes
Spam Encouragement: 15 minutes
Staff disrespect: 1 hour
Abusing /report: 15minutes
Rules displayed on voidpractice.serv.nu

Bannable Offences
Hacking: Punishment 1: 1 month, Punishment 2: Perm (Appeal on forums)
Inappropriate links (eg. porn links, IP loggers): Punishment 1: 1 day, Punishment 2: 1 week
Releasing Personal Info: PERMANENT BAN
Camping: Punishment 1: Warning, Punishment 2: Kick
Boosting: Punishment 1: 1 week, Punishment 2: 1 month
Advertizing: PERMANENT BAN
Exploiting Bug/Glitch: Punishment 1: 5 days, Punishment 2: 1 month
Alting/Ban Evading: Same punishment as main account ban
DDos threats/Doxing: PERM BAN with NO APPEAL

You CANNOT exchange accounts on this server! We will not take responsibility for account scams!
You CAN exchange in-game items, but not irl money!
Exchanging accounts (ignoring the warning) will result in a 2 WEEK BAN.

Approved Mods:
Rei's Minimap (NO PLAYERS)
All mods found that aren't listed above will result in a BAN for the player. The time of the ban will differ depending on the banning Staff member and the mod found.
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Rules and Information (MUST READ)
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