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 Updated Rules And Info "Must Read"

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PostSubject: Updated Rules And Info "Must Read"   Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:33 pm

Use another languague instead of English The English is the Main language and thats is a way to prevent insults in another language.
First offense: Permanent 20 minutes
Second offense: Permanent 5 hours
Third offense: Permanent mute

Hacked Clients Using a hacked client, of any kind.
First offense: 1 Month Ban
Second offense: Permanent Ban

Auto Clicking / Macroing Using an autoclick or any kind of macros.
First offense: 1 Month Ban
Second Offense: 2 Months Ban
Third Offense: Permanent Ban

First offense: 15 days(1 week if you admit)
Second Offense: 1 Month (2 weeks if you admit)
Third Offense: Permanent Ban

Illegal Traps Walled up nether portals are considered to be illegal traps, as well as nether portal fall traps.
First offense: 1 Week Ban
Second Offense: 1 Month Ban
Third Offense: Permanent Ban

Abuse or Exploit of a Bug or Glitch Exploiting a bug or a minecraft bug for personal gain will be punished. If you find any bug please report it.
First Offense: 2 Weeks Ban
Second Offense: 1 month Ban
Fourth Offense: Permanent Ban

Block Glitching. Hitting Players through blocks being invincible in a block.
First Offense: Warning
Second Offense: Kick
Third Offense: 1 Day Ban
Fourth Offense: 3 Days Ban (Scaling Bans)

DTR evasion this includes kicking players out of your faction to avoid dtr lose this is not accepted in anyway.
First Offense: 3 Days Ban
Second Offense: 7 Days Ban
Third Offense: 28 Days Ban
Fourth Offense: Permanent Ban

Inappropriate Chat Content You will be severely punished. Serious offenders will be blacklisted.
First Offense: 20 Minutes Mute
Second Offense: 1 hour Mute
Third Offense: Decision of Admins

First Offense: Permanent Ban

Staff Disrespect Dot not disrespect any staff member. If you don’t like a staff member, you can submit a staff complaint ticket and we will take a look at it.
First offense: Decided by Admins

Death Threats / Suicide jokes / Telling someone to kill themselves is not allowed in any way and will be punished.
First offense: Decided by Admins

Alting Using an alternative account while playing with your main account (This also includes inviting an alt account on the factions server in order to gain DTR).
First Offense: Permanent ban on the alt and 2 Week Ban in to the Main Account
Second Offense: Permanent ban on the alt and 1 Month Ban in to the Main Account
Third Offense: Permanent ban on both accounts

Camping in Practice Camping and running to avoid the fight is not allowed.
First Offense: Warning
Second Offense: Kick
Third Offense: 1 Day Ban
Fourth Offense: Scaling Bans

Cobble or water griefing This includes anything that bypass factions protection.
Scaling bans (starting at 3 days)

Insiding If you inside you will get an insider prefix ingame as a punishment.

Hackusating in chat If you believe someone is cheating, use /report and keep the chat clean of hackusations.
First Offense: 5 Minutes Mute
Second Offense: 10 Minutes Mute
Third Offense: 15 minutes Mute
Fourth Offense: Scaling mutes

Trading is allowed for optifine capes etc note i said trading not selling if you are caught selling items on our network here is what will happen.
First Offense: 1 Week Ban
Second Offense : Permanent Ban
[note if you are scammed we will not be held accountable for it you decided to trade/buy if you decided to buy something from a seller you aswell will be held accountable and banned for one day if you are caught buying more items it will be one week ban then permanent]
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Updated Rules And Info "Must Read"
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